Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Land Registry Documents

Buying land is every person’s dream because land is considered as an immovable asset, but it is very important to understand the legal aspects while buying land. Collecting the documents required for land registration and handling them properly is a very difficult task. Often we don’t pay attention to small things and we make mistakes. In this post, we will tell you how to avoid some common mistakes in documents while registering land. Please read this post till the end.

Mistake #1: Inaccuracy is Your Enemy

Land registration documents are very important to officially own the land. If there are any errors in your documents, the land registration may be delayed. It wastes both your money and time. So make sure all documents are correct while doing Land Registry:

1) Double Check: Carefully check all documents and forms required for Land Registry. Double check that you have all the forms and stamp papers etc.

2) Pay attention to the little things: address, other legal information, who it belongs to (and if there are any rules about it), and any transaction documents, etc.

3) Get Experts Help: If you don’t know what documents are required for Land Registry, take the help of Land Registry Experts or make an appointment with a Lawyer. Remember the right advice can save your time and money.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the Benefits of Online Resources

A lot of useful information is available on the Land Registry’s official website:

1) Online Portal: First of all to do for Land Registry is the Visit official website of UK Government you will get all usefull information on this official portal (

2) Fee Calculator: Check how much Land Registry will cost you with our Land Registry Fee Calculator before applying for Land Registry services.

3) Guidance material: Land Registration Process and important applications are available on Land Registry’s website. You can also read the guidelines. If you do all these things carefully, we are sure that you will not face any problem in Land Registry.

Mistake #3: Trying to Do It All Alone When You Don’t Have To

Although everything is easily available online these days, sometimes it is wise to consult an expert:

1) Complicated Transactions: If your land transaction is complicated due to shared ownership, lease agreement etc. then talking to a Land Registry Lawyer will be helpful. Because they know everything they can help you properly. And can save you from fraud.

2) First Time Buyer: If you have purchased Land for the first time and are registering it in the Land Registry. So we advise you to take help of Property Lawyer. Because they are used to handling documents and have thorough knowledge of it. Lawyers can facilitate your Land Registry Process.

3) Mistakes happen: If there is a mistake in the documents you have submitted, don’t panic and try to correct the mistake yourself. Or consult a lawyer or go to the Land Registry office and inquire. This way you can avoid delays for your Land Registry.

Mistake #4: Not keeping records properly

As long as your land is in your possession, the relevant documents are very important. Let’s see how to keep them tidy:

1) Safe place: Keep your original land registry documents (such as title deed) in a safe place. You can keep it in a vault or keep it in a bank locker.

2) Take Digital backup: It is not necessary to make digital copies of all your documents for easy access, but if you need them at some point, you can easily access them.

3) Keep Track: Keep your property documents in an organized file. Make a list so it can save you time and stress.

Friends, by avoiding the above common mistakes and using the resources available, you can handle Land Registry documents with confidence.

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