Homes England Exceeds Targets Despite Challenging Market Conditions

Homes England, the Government’s housing and regeneration agency, has made a major achievement in housing by exceeding its annual target for 2023-24. This success has come in the face of a number of challenges in the market, which has highlighted the agency’s performance and ability to maintain housing supply.

Key Achievements

  • Homes completed: Homes England has completed more than 32,000 homes, exceeding its target of 29,641!
  • Housing Starts: Construction of 35,000 new homes has started, exceeding the target of 32,967.
  • Land Unlocked: The agency has made available land with the potential to build more than 26,000 new houses, exceeding the target of 25,788.
  • Focus on sustainability: 87% of completed homes received an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of B or higher.

Affordable Housing Focus

The growth in the affordable housing sector is a very good thing. Homes England believes that the Government’s affordable housing program will provide more people with safe and affordable housing. This will help all sections of society to get housing and increase the chances of a better quality of life for all.

Regeneration and Placemaking

Homes England works to build better homes and new communities across England. They have used land, money and staff to help people build new homes and businesses across England. Its main objective is to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and create a better life for all.

Strategic Place Partnerships

Homes England has launched three new “Strategic Place Partnerships” (SPPs) in South and West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. These SSPs are already in place in Greater Manchester and Essex and benefit more than 13 million people. SPP Homes demonstrate England’s commitment to support and help people in areas most in need.

Working with local authorities, housing associations and other stakeholders, SPPs create plans that address housing needs, infrastructure development, job creation and community facilities, all working together to build sustainable and prosperous communities.

Industry Leader Reaction

Peter Freeman, Chairman of Homes England: “Homes England’s achievements show what we can do. We are helping more people to be housed in safe, sustainable and thriving communities.”

Peter Denton, Chief Executive of Homes England: “I am extremely grateful for the commitment of our employees. They have worked tirelessly and helped advance our mission of creating thriving new places where people can live, work and thrive.”

Provisional information from Homes England’s annual report is due to be published this summer and is no doubt positive! The agency has met its targets and has been successful in increasing housing supply even in a challenging market. With a focus on affordable housing, regeneration and collaborative partnerships, Homes England is committed to making a positive impact on communities across England.

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