Manchester is Ready for Digital Revolution: Government Announces New Digital Campus

Manchester will soon become a major player in the digital space, as the government has announced a new digital campus. This landmark project is an important step in the city’s revitalization and will help spur new ideas and spur economic growth.

An agreement has been reached between Manchester City Council (MCC) and the Government Property Agency (GPA) for the acquisition of the five acre site. The land is located in the Central Retail Park in Ancots and will soon be converted into the Manchester Digital Campus. Up to 7,000 civil servants will work in this state-of-the-art office complex.

Investing in the future

The announcement of this new campus has been eagerly welcomed by all. Alex Burghardt, Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office, said the project had two main aims: boosting Manchester’s economy and community and developing digital skills in the civil service.

The new campus will provide modern and inspiring workspaces for all civil servants in the North-West region. This will encourage collaboration and innovation and, as a result, better public services for taxpayers.

Collaboration is key

The land deal is a symbol of friendly cooperation between GPA and MCC. The agreement builds on the Modern Strategic Regeneration Framework put in place last year and a shared vision for the site’s redevelopment.

This project goes beyond just job creation. The main objective of this agreement is to unleash the full potential of the sector, creating a wide range of business opportunities with digital campuses.

Manchester City Council welcomes the investment

Councilor Bev Craig, leader of Manchester City Council, called the digital campus an important investment to complement ongoing regeneration efforts in the city centre.

The new campus will be built close to a new public green space planned by the council. This will further enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the locality.

Creating a sustainable future for the Civil Service

GPA is committed to creating not only modern but also sustainable workplaces. This is consistent with the government’s policies of “flattening” and promoting economic growth in various sectors. By establishing a significant presence in Manchester the GPA aims to attract the city’s talent and contribute to the transformation of the civil service.

With construction starting in 2026, the land purchase agreement is expected to be finalized next year. The Manchester Digital Campus will be a revolutionary step forward and will strengthen Manchester’s position as a key hub for the UK’s digital future.

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